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151 Zapdos Giveaway!! ⚡️ Happy New Year! 🌟

🎉🌟 Happy New Year, everyone! We're thrilled to announce that we're back and buzzing with excitement for the new year! 🎊✨

To kick off 2024 on an electrifying note, we're hosting a fantastic Zapdos EX 151 box giveaway! 🎁⚡️

To Enter:

📱 Join our WhatsApp group

👋 Say hi with your own phase including "Gengar" on our whatsapp group

💬 Comment "done" on this post

🚀 Additional Entries: Invite friends on Facebook!

📈 1 extra entry for every 49 friends invited

🚫 Do not "Select All"! Facebook only allows 49 invites at a time

📸 Validate entries with a PC screenshot showing the total invites

🦆 Winner Announcement: Duck race at Trade Day, February 3rd , 2024!

Join us as we celebrate the new year and dive into the world of Pokémon with this epic giveaway. May this year bring you all joy, success, and countless Pokémon adventures! 🥳🎮 #NewYearNewAdventures #ZapdosGiveaway #PokemonTradeDay #2024Goals

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