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Casual Tournaments at Trade Day 🏆🥇

Updated: Mar 12

We're leveling up our monthly Trade Day with a casual Pokémon TCG Tournament that you definitely don't wanna miss! 🎉🤩 For just R100, you can jump into the action, and every participant gets a booster pack just for joining. How cool is that? 😍😍

But wait, there's more! We're introducing the ultimate challenge - the Gym Leader Challenge with our very own Bilal! 🌟🔥 Step up and test your skills against him. If you win, you get to choose a pack of your choice from Obsidian Flames, Paldean Fates, or Paradox Rift! 🎁🏆 And if luck isn't on your side, no worries - your chosen pack will add to the prize pot for the next brave challenger. Challenging Bilal is absolutely FREE!

See you all there, fam! Let's make it a blast! 🚀🙌

Much love and light to you all my,

fellow Gengarnians 😎🙏

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