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May Trade Day

🌟✨ Recap of Our Last Trade Day! ✨🌟

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our latest trade day event! It was a blast seeing all of you and sharing our love for Pokémon cards. Here are some highlights from the day:

🔍 Pokémon Bingo: Congratulations to all our winners who scored booster packs and promo cards! We hope you enjoy your prizes!

📹 Live Stream Rips: We hope you had fun watching the live stream rips! It's always exciting to see what cards come out.

📦 Trade Box: Our trade box was a hit, allowing you to swap any card for the one in the box if its value was higher. Thanks for making some great trades!

🎉 Monthly Giveaway: A big shoutout to our WhatsApp member who won the Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box in our monthly giveaway! Enjoy your awesome prize!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made it such a fantastic event. Stay tuned for details on our next trade day coming soon!

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