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🎉🔥 Hey fam! Get ready to turn up the excitement at our next Rip n Ship event with a brand-new activity – "Guess What's in the Box?" 😍📦✨

Here's the scoop: during our live stream, you’ll get the chance to guess what mystery item is hiding inside the box. Just drop your guesses in the chat! 🎯💬 We’ll be dropping hints and clues throughout the stream to help you out. 😉

And the best part? If you’re the sharp-eyed genius who cracks the mystery, you win the item inside the box! 🎁🙌 How cool is that?!

To join the fun, make sure you’ve made a purchase with Gengar Games through our WhatsApp group. 📲🛍️ Only those with purchases are eligible to play, so don’t miss out!

🔗 Join our WhatsApp group here:

So, gear up and bring your A-game! Let’s make this the most fun Rip n Ship ever! 🥳✨

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